Zafir (Zaf) Rashid
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rashid has over 20 years of real estate and management experience. Zafir has been building homes prior to the inception of the Everest Group, and has built in excess of 225 homes. An entrepreneur at heart, Zafir has successfully taken his development company from the business of home building to land development and hotel construction. Under Mr. Rashid’s guidance, Everest Development Group has completed 3 subdivisions one of which included home construction as well as services and infrastructure. In addition to servicing subdivisions, Mr. Rashid has led Everest to complete the construction of 5 hotels, 3 condominium complexes and a multitude of condominium conversions. A true leader, Mr. Rashid has an eye for property with strong untapped potential, and an eye for the skills he needs around the table to make his projects a success. Mr. Rashid studied Economics at the U of A and completed Project Management and Business Management programs at NAIT.

Harpreet (Haris) Thiara
President, Managing Partner

Mr. Thiara has initiated and supervised many land development projects in Manitoba and Alberta and managed several residential and commercial properties. He has managed the construction of new spec homes and is experienced in contract negotiations with various trades in the home construction industry including consulting with engineers, building contractors and major suppliers of building materials. Mr. Thiara has forged dozens of successful strategic partnerships that have enabled Everest Group to capitalize on opportunities. He also has build a solid understanding of the student housing market in Canada, a niche construction, financing, and operational market. He has a sound understanding of the mortgage business including prerequisite conditions for construction draws and inspection of real estate in progress.

Francisco (Frank) Ignacio
Vice President of Operations

Mr. Ignacio has worked in several General Management roles in the last 5 years. Francisco is a key player in the Everest Group management team and is responsible for oversight of the company’s general day to day business activities and procedures. Mr. Ignacio supports Everest Group’s growth plans and ensures the execution of the company’s strategic business objectives. Mr. Ignacio supports Everest Group by working to streamline HR processes in its offices while ensuring compliance with internal and legislative HR requirements. Prior to joining the Everest Group, Mr. Ignacio worked primarily in the manufacturing industry. Over the last 15 years he has developed an extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance and Administrative Management. In his previous roles, Mr. Ignacio has successfully integrated standards such as the ISO 9000 standard, (International Standardization Organization), as well as the JAS standards, (Japanese Agricultural Standards, which is equivalent to Canada’s CSA standards). Francisco graduated from the Plastics Engineering Technology program at NAIT and was quickly promoted into management positions where his talents are best utilized.

Zachary (Zack) Penner
Director, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Penner is accountable for the integrated marketing communication and branding of all of the Everest lines of business, including web, print, and direct channels. Since 2012, he has successfully overseen the launch of several new investment and development brands, as well as the re-branding of EvCorp Capital. He is also accountable for investor relations and the investor experience. Mr. Penner has overseen the successful raising of over $15MM in investment capital into Everest Group projects, and has been the project lead for the IPO of EvCorp Capital. Mr. Penner has held several senior management positions over the past 10 years in the financial services, non-profit, and construction sectors, as well as a senior analyst with a marketing and market insights consulting firm. An entrepreneur at heart, he has also owned and operated a small business and is currently partner in a fashion start-up. Mr. Penner also sits on the boards of three local non-profit charitable organizations.

Randy Chan

Mr. Chan oversees business development and strategic opportunities for Everest Group in Vancouver, BC. Mr. Chan has worked in senior roles in a variety of industries.


Rehan Huda
Director, EvCorp Capital Inc.

Mr. Rehan Huda founded and is currently a Managing Director with Amana Canada Holdings Inc. Prior to this, Mr. Huda held various positions within the Canadian federal government including Senior Economist for the Department of Finance and Senior Analyst for the Natural Resources and Industry Departments. He was a recipient of the federal government’s Public Service Award of Excellence for his financial and economic analysis related to the awarding of operating licenses to wireless telecommunication service providers. He has served as a management consultant to emerging companies in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, biotechnology, financial services and energy.  Mr. Huda holds a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Manitoba.

Faisal B. Joseph, B.A., L.L.B.
Independent Director, EvCorp Capital Inc.

Mr. Joseph is a highly respected trial lawyer, lecturer, and human rights activist resident in London, Ontario, where he has been a partner with Lerners LLP since 1993. He has over 30 years of criminal and civil trial experience, including roles as Federal and Provincial crown attorney and defence counsel in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Mr. Joseph is the distinguished recipient of several awards, including the Law Society Medal (2015), the highest honour and award a lawyer can receive. He has also received the Middlesex law Association Award for Distinguished Service (2012), and Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Award for Public Service (2012). He is also a Fellow with the Litigation Counsel of America.

Mr. Joseph is extremely involved in the community, serving on the Boards of Directors of Childreach, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, and Huron College University. Mr. Joseph received his Bachelor of Arts from Saint Francis Xavier University and his Bachelor of Laws from the University of New Brunswick. Mr. Joseph’s complete biography and list of achievements, community service, memberships, and other areas of distinction may be found at