EvCorp Capital Inc.

Formerly known as the Everest Real Estate Fund, EvCorp Capital is a carefully and soundly managed investment fund offering targeted 8% – 10% annual return to our investors.

EvCorp Capital acquires and maintains a portfolio of residential and commercial mortgages, and flows interest payments from those mortgages back to our investors. EvCorp Capital is open to both registered (RRSP, TFSA, RESP, etc) funds, and non-registered funds. For non-registered funds, interest can be paid annually or quarterly. Established in 2010, the Fund has been delivering consistent returns to investors, with no principal losses, portfolio delinquencies, or missed interest payments. In late 2013, the Fund announced a new brand identity as EvCorp Capital Inc. For more information on EvCorp Capital, including how to invest, please visit: http://www.evcorpcapital.ca